Yao Yueyi

Welcome to Yueyi's Portfolio


Posters from my Asianfanfics account, @Deer-and-Bread.


Posters from my Webnovel account, @yaoyueyi.


Hello! You may know me as either Rhee or Yueyi, but since I wanted a portfolio that encompasses my work from both of the sites that I'm on, I decided to go with Yueyi's Portfolio just because I named all my previous portfolios with Rhee and etc.

My experience is around two years (started making graphics at January 2017), but I consider myself a beginner! :)

My work is generally fairly diverse. The only genres that I'm not particularly a fan of making posters for is sci-fi and horror. Otherwise, I'm really happy to work with dark, romance, angst, historical, or even romcom posters!

If you want to request from me, depending on the site that you're on, click the corresponding button below! Please do not request at the wrong site (i.e. if you know me from Webnovel, do not message my AFF account and vice versa); otherwise, your request will be ignored.